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About Us

One child One Life

Founded in 2009 by Prof. Irwanto, Lentera Anak Pelangi (LAP) is a non profit organization focusing on children and adolescents living with HIV in Indonesia.  LAP  has become the first multidisciplinary service provider in Indonesia that improves the quality of life of children living with HIV.  Throughout the years, LAP collaborate with partners, sponsors, and volunteers in expanding services for families and children all around Indonesia to provide programs and services, which are categorized under five pillars: (1.) Home visit mentoring and nutritional support, (2.) ambulatory and medical support, (3.) psychosocial support such as classes for children and Peer Support Group for caregivers, (4.) life skill education and capacity building and (5.) advocacy.

In 2020, in response to covid pandemic which restricted most in-person activities,   LAP brings most its programs and services online: LAP schools for children, peer support groups for primary caregivers, and medical consultation services.  To monitor the conditions of the most vulnerable and at risk children and families, LAP’s team continued to do in-person home visits and medical support at the hospitals.  And thank you to our sponsors and partners, LAP was able to expand the nutritional support to include not only milk but also staple food items such as rice, sugar, cooking oil, etc.  In addition, LAP also  reached out to more families and children in need throughout Indonesia through the online platform. 


In 2022, LAP developed a Youth Psychosocial Service Program to fill in the gap of services in Indonesia.  This youth program is  based on the psychosocial needs of this at-risk age group, our objective is to bridge the challenging transition phase from adolescence to adulthood so that adolescents with HIV have better motivation to continue to care for  their health and have a better outcomes in the future, including opportunities to continuing education and job.

Thank you to all of our partners, sponsors and volunteers who continue to support our program.  This year marks LAP’s 13 years of service.

Our Vision

"To be the best multidisciplinary service provider to improve the quality of life for children and adolescents living with HIV in Indonesia."

Our Mission

  • Reducing morbidity and mortality in children and adolescents with HIV by improving the quality of health and nutrition, and advocating for adherence to ARV treatment.

  • Improving the psychosocial well-being of children, adolescents, and families through Peer Support Groups, counseling, capacity building, and life skills education..

  • Advocating in mitigating the impact of HIV on children and their families.

Beneficiary Profile

  • Children and adolescents up to 21 years and their primary caregiver

  • 70% of are Orphans and Vulnerable Children

  • 95% of poor or underprivileged households

Our Journey


Lentera Anak Pelangi (LAP) was established as a response to the absence of the HIV and AIDS prevention and reduction program in Indonesia, serving children and families in DKI Jakarta. In 2009, LAP operated with the support of a United Nation Development Program (UNDP) grant through the Indonesia Partnership Fund (IPF) in collaboration with the Komisi Penanggulangan AIDS National (KPAN).

LAP was created in the Atma Jaya Catholic University as an academic community with the hope of becoming a research center for students and lecturers to apply relevant knowledge to the needs of children affected by HIV/AIDS and their families.


To help families of children affected by HIV/AIDS through family empowerment, LAP was managed under the Center of Community Development (Pusat Pemberdayaan Masyarakat). In the first year, LAP accompanied 88 families with 121 affected children and 26 of them were infected with HIV. At the beginning of its establishment, LAP had a Drop in Center (DIC) in Cempaka Putih, Jakarta, that can be accessed by children and families as health and psychosocial clinic services.  


In mid-2011, LAP became part of the extension of PPH: Pusat Penelitian HIV Atma Jaya (HIV Research Center of Atma Jaya), sponsored by Rotary Club Jakarta Sentral. Additional support was provided by Werk Group’'72 for CD4 tests, VL tests, and other laboratory tests.  To this date, Werk Group’72 continued to contribute to LAP’s program.

In 2012, LAP introduced free monthly medical check-ups and medical services with the help of volunteer doctors and The Humanity Forum, along with several private sponsors.


Since 2014 until now, Lantern Anak Pelangi has been supported by Werkgroup' 72. Die Brucke, OLMC - Sunbury Australia, Mitra Surya Mandiri Foundation, The Humanity Forum (THF), PT. Daya Adicipta Motora, as well as a group of private sponsors.


In 2016, based on WHO guidelines on Disclosure of HIV status of children and adolescents, LAP collaborated with AdFamilia in developing a Disclosure program thatstarting from an assessment of the readiness of the child and family pre-disclosure and support during and after disclosure.  The condition of the child, the place and method of delivery, as well as the person delivering it must be prepared as well as possible so that the child can face it without losing hope .


Entering the Covid-19 pandemic, LAP has to adapt to the covid restrictions for in person activities with children and families.

LAP transformed most in person activities to online activities: LAP Schools for children, Peer Support Group for caregivers and online access to medical consultations with LAP’s doctors volunteer.  This online platform enables LAP to reach out to more children and families throughout Indonesia. With the help of our sponsors, LAP expanded the nutritional support, and provided internet data plans to support children’s online education. LAP also collaborates with Tutorhead Indonesia to provide online tutoring support.  The one-on-one tutoring support was very helpful not only to children but also to families and caregivers due to their limitations of assisting the children’s online education requirements.

To help children at risk of low health conditions and children with special needs, LAP continues to do in-person home visits and accompany children during medical checkups at several hospitals. Although the LAP team has done its best, due to a number of limitations, LAP lost several primary caregivers, children, and adolescents.

The pandemic does not only affect LAP’s beneficiaries but also the LAP’s partners and sponsors. With limited funding, LAP strives to continue its commitment by prioritizing the needs of children and adolescents who are most affected and have the most at-risk health conditions.


Especially in the last 2 years, LAP has reflected and evaluated all of its programs.  LAP continues to maintain its commitment to provide services contained in the 5 pillars by prioritizing children and adolescents who have vulnerable health conditions and are at high risk .

Based on the evaluation of assistance needs, in 2022, LAP will develop a youth psychosocial service program based on the psychosocial needs of this vulnerable age group of 14-21 years.  The youth program aims to bridge the transition from youth to adulthood so that youth with HIV have guidance and psychosocial support so that they are motivated to continue to maintain their own health and strive for a brighter future. 

Kearny Indonesia helps LAP youth by providing educational funding and life skills.  Starting September 2022, 15 LAP youth have the opportunity to take part in a certified Computer and Programming education program.  LAP will continue to work with sponsors and companies to develop life-skill education/vocational training programs so that young people have the skills and knowledge to work. 

This year, LAP also implemented data management and analytics as a guide for LAP in evaluating programs and work results. 

On December 1, 2022, UNAIDS appointed LAP as one of the four founding members of the Indonesian National Alliance with the aim of providing integrated HIV services, especially for children, adolescents, pregnant women/mneyusui  The formation of the Indonesian National Alliance is part of Global Alliance initiatives with a focus on children, youth and pregnant/breastfeeding women


Di 2023, LAP will carry out a transformation both in terms of personnel as well as programs and services.

One of the focuses this year is the development of youth programs: Youth Care.   Youth leadership program will include: personality building, increasing knowledge and experience about HIV and its treatment, as well as positive and supportive communication skills.  

Stay tuned for the latest LAP update in 2023.

Thank you

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Our Partners

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Our Network

  • UNAIDS Indonesia

  • Yayasan Spiritia

  • Indonesia AIDS Coalition

  • Jaringan Indonesia Positif

  • Ikatan Perempuan Positif Indonesia

  • Inti Muda Indonesia

  • Rumah Cemara

  • Rachel House

  • Karisma


  • OPSI

  • JTID

  • Kios Atma Jaya

  • Syair Untuk Sahabat

  • Yayasan Pelita Ilmu

  • Yayasan Lentera Surakarta

  • KDS Arundaya

  • Yayasan Akar Cinta Kasih

  • HKBP AIDS Ministry

  • PKBI

  • Yayasan Flobamora Jaya Peduli

  • Rumah Aira

  • Ad Familia

  • Tutorhead Indonesia

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Our Supporters

Funding Support

  • Die Bruecke

  • Werkgroep '72

  • Our Lady Mount Carmel Parish Sunbury, Australia

  • Yayasan Mitra Surya Mandiri

Social Assistance during the pandemic

  • Kemensos lewat Balai Handayani


  • Jasa Raharja

  • Insan Triputra Group

  • Kearney Indonesia

  • Milk Life

Our Team


Prof. Irwanto, PhD.



Nita Anggriawan


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Evadana Rachmat

Interim Program Director


Riama Siringo

Programs & Relationship Manager


Dr. Mona Sugianto, M. Psi.,

Psychologist Partner - AdFamilia


Prof. Dr. dr. Benny E. Wiryadi, Sp. KK(K)

Doctor Volunteer

dokter.jpg Abraham Simatupang, M.Kes

Doctor Volunteer


Dr. Paul F. Matulessy, MN. PGK, Sp. Gk

Doctor Volunteer

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-04 at 2_edited_ed

Kiki Rizki Fitriani

Psychosocial Team


Sri Wulansari

Administration and Case Manager


Arya Aditya

 Team Leader: Case Manager


Siti Khotimah

Case Manager



Case Manager


Nur Muliani

Support Team


Siti Friendly

Support Team

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